Risk Management Guidance

Review recommended actions to mitigate ongoing attacks and prevent potential attacks.

Risk Management Guidance displays the top recommended actions to harden your defenses, investigate attack scope, and monitor your environment. The recommended actions vary depending on factors including which security features are enabled, security feature configurations, and the type of threat present in your environment.

Security Objective


Prevention and Containment

Prevent the spread of new and ongoing attacks

This section provides steps to harden your defenses and mitigate ongoing or potential attacks.

Monitoring and Investigation

Increase visibility and monitor new or ongoing attacks

This section provides steps to further investigate the scope of ongoing attacks, monitor, and search for attack indicators in your environment.

Managed Services and Support

Contact threat experts to provide guidance and analysis of ongoing threats

Click Request Help from Trend Micro Threat Experts to request help.


This section only appears during an ongoing attack campaign or when your attack scope is Medium or High risk.

  • Each Security Objective lists several Vectors.

  • Vectors appear based on your current security posture and contains a list of Suggestions.

  • Suggestions can be expanded to show individual recommended Steps.

  • Click the button on each step to open a window with more information about the step. Follow the instructions in the window to complete the recommended action.


    Some steps may require navigating to other Trend Vision One apps, managing connected products, or visiting a web page. Read each step carefully before clicking any links or buttons.