Targeted Attack Detection

Review attack exposure in your environment and follow steps to mitigate or prevent attacks.

Targeted Attack Detection analyzes your Smart Protection Network data to determine if certain indicators signal an ongoing attack, enabling you to take timely prevention, investigation, and mitigation actions against targeted attack campaigns. The analysis helps detect targeted attacks, identify the attack campaign, and provide steps to mitigate the attack. If an attack is not occurring, Targeted Attack Detection provides recommended actions to harden your environment against future potential attacks.

The app displays information about your organization's attack exposure for a specific period. This information is influenced by the following factors:

  • Security features enabled on Trend Micro management servers that you have connected to Trend Vision One

  • XDR sensors installed and enabled in your environment

  • Attack campaigns monitored and analyzed by Trend Micro threat experts

The following table outlines the information available in the app.



Attack Exposure

Provides an overview of your environment and any ongoing attacks, including:

Attack Exposure provides a risk rating for your environment. For more information, see Attack Exposure.

Security Features and XDR Sensors

Provides information about features that you must enable to use the app and other features that can improve detection of attack indicators

For more information, see Security Features and XDR Sensors.