Using XDR Endpoint Checker from a Web Browser

Determine why a Windows endpoint does not connect to Trend Vision One using the XDR endpoint checker tool.


The XDR endpoint checker tool supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (the newest and the most recent version)

  • Mozilla Firefox (the newest and the most recent version)

  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) (the newest and the most recent version)

  • Opera

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

If your endpoint does not have a supported web browser, use XDR Endpoint Checker from the command line instead.

  1. Download and deploy the XDR Endpoint Checker tool to the affected endpoint.
    1. In the Self-Diagnosis app, click the Tool Download tab.
    2. Under XDR Endpoint Checker, click the download button to download a zip archive containing the XDR Endpoint Checker tool.
    3. Extract the archive file on the affected Windows endpoint.
  2. Execute XDR Endpoint Checker.
    1. Execute XDR_Endpoint_Checker.exe with administrator rights.
    2. On the XDR Endpoint Checker window, click Start.
  3. If the tool detects issues with the endpoint, follow the steps on-screen.