Using XDR Endpoint Checker from the Command Line

Use the XDR endpoint checker tool in endpoints that do not have a supported web browser.

  1. Download and deploy the XDR Endpoint Checker tool to the affected endpoint.
    1. In the Self-Diagnosis app, click the Tool Download tab.
    2. Under XDR Endpoint Checker, click the download button to download a zip archive containing the XDR Endpoint Checker tool.
    3. Extract the archive file on the affected Windows endpoint.
  2. Execute XDR Endpoint Checker.
    1. Open the command line with administrator rights.
    2. Navigate to the folder where the XDR Endpoint Checker is located.
    3. Execute the following command:
      XDR_Endpoint_Checker.exe --func scan
      The tool generates a CSV file (data_file.csv) with the test results in the Log folder.
  3. If the tool detects the endpoint does not have the necessary certificates, execute the following command:
    XDR_Endpoint_Checker.exe --func impcert