Running Diagnostic Tests

Run automated tests to identify possible causes for common issues with Trend Vision One.

  1. Open the Self-Diagnosis app.
    1. In the Trend Vision One console, Open Help and Support by clicking the question-mark icon () in the upper-right corner.
    2. Click Run Diagnostic Test under the Technical Support section.
  2. On the Diagnostic Tests tab, select one of the available diagnostic tests by clicking Run Test.
  3. Run the diagnostic test on the desired endpoints.
    1. Use the search field to locate the endpoints to diagnose. You can search endpoints by name, IP address or agent GUID.
    2. After locating the endpoint to diagnose, click the Run diagnostic test () button at the end of the row.
    3. Repeat the previous step to execute the diagnostic test on multiple endpoints.

    You can monitor diagnostic tests in the Test Results tab.