Help and Support

Find Trend Micro resources and tools available online that help you learn about and troubleshoot Trend Vision One.


This feature is not available in all regions.

Help and Support provides an entry within the console that lets you easily get help and support closely related to the features you are using to improve your problem resolution efficiency.

Open Help and Support by clicking the question-mark icon () in the upper-right corner.

The following table outlines the actions available on the Help and Support panel.



View help documentation

View the available features, how-to instructions, frequently asked questions, or best practices most relevant to the current screen you are visiting

Get technical support

Run automated tests or request support engineer resources to troubleshoot issues with Trend Vision One

  • Run Diagnostic Test: Use automated tools to identify and troubleshoot common issues with Trend Vision One

    For more information, see Self-Diagnosis.

  • Create Case: Submit support cases within the console.

    For more information, see Creating a Support Case.

  • View Case History: View a list of support cases submitted within the Trend Vision One console and the status of how they are being handled

Open other resources

Find the entry of each available resource that serves your needs for help and support when using Trend Vision One

  • Automation Center: Learn how your system integrators and SOC teams can automate your protection and implement detection and response flows using Trend Vision One APIs

  • Forum: Find solutions and ask questions about Trend Vision One to learn from product and security experts and knowledgeable administrators

  • Service Status: View the current status and historical operations of Trend Vision One to monitor the service and communicate in the event of major outages