Help Kit

Find Trend Micro resources and tools available online that help you learn about and troubleshoot Trend Vision One.

Help Kit provides a single point of entry within the console that lets you easily get help and support closely related to the features you are using to improve your problem resolution efficiency.

Open Help Kit by clicking the question-mark icon () in the upper-right corner of the Trend Vision One console.

The following table outlines the actions available on the Help Kit home screen.



Search for help

Obtain recommended solutions to your issues by specifying keywords or questions

  • Recommended documentation: Filters out the help pages and Knowledge Base articles that match what you are searching for.

  • Diagnostic tools: Provides automated tools that assist you in troubleshooting common issues before you contact your support provider.

  • Create case: Allows you to submit support cases within the console. You can take screenshots of exactly where issues occur, together with console related data to help the support team locate the problem.

  • Contact support: Leads you to the Business Success Portal to obtain support contact information based on your location.

View help documentation

View the available features, how-to instructions, frequently asked questions, or best practices most relevant to the current screen you are visiting

Check bulletin board

Get recommended information or updates to keep posted on Trend Vision One

Open toolbox resources

Find the entry of each available resource that serves your needs for help and support when using Trend Vision One

For more information, see Toolbox Resources.

To expand or minimize the toolbox, click the up arrow () or down arrow ().