Adding Exceptions

You can add the domain, file SHA-1, file SHA-256, IP address, sender address, or URL object to the Exception List.

  1. Go to Threat Intelligence > Suspicious Object Management.
  2. Click the Exception List tab.
  3. Click Add.

    The Add Exception screen appears.

  4. Select any of the following from the Method drop-down list:
    • Domain: type a domain name.


      One wildcard "*" connected with a "." is supported in the domain prefix, for example, *

    • File SHA-1: type the SHA-1 hash value of a file.

    • File SHA-256: type the SHA-256 hash value of a file.

    • IP address: type an IP address or a hyphenated range.


      IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, address ranges, and subnet masks are supported.

    • Sender address: type an email address.

    • URL: type a URL.


      The wildcard "*" is supported at the beginning of the domain part, end of the path part, or in both places, for example,, *,*, and **.

  5. (Optional) Type a description.
  6. Click Submit.

    The object appears in the Exception List.

    Trend Vision One excludes the object from the Suspicious Object List during the next synchronization and will not add it as a suspicious object in the future.