Submission Settings Configuration

Set the daily reserve, view the usage guide and submission usage details, and configure global settings that affect all submissions.

The following table outlines the options available in the Submission Settings panel.



Set daily reserve

Set the number of objects you can analyze every day by specifying a value for the daily reserve.

  • The number of objects you can analyze is limited by the daily reserve. Objects with a Not analyzed risk level do not count toward the daily reserve.

  • Setting the daily reserve to 0 disables submissions.

  • Each submission reserve requires 50 credits. Once credits are allocated, the daily reserve can be used until the credits expire.

    For example, if you allocate 50 credits for a daily reserve of one submission, you can perform one submission daily until the credits expire or you reallocate the credits to another service.

  • The daily reserve resets each day at 00:00 (UTC).

View usage guide

Display instructions and tips on how to configure the daily reserve by clicking Usage Guide.

View submission usage details

Display your submission usage details of the last 180 days by clicking Submission Usage Details.

Save submitted files

Grant Trend Micro permission to save submitted file objects by selecting Allow Trend Micro to save submitted file objects (recommended).

This option is required to download and re-analyze file objects.

Enable Smart Feedback

Allow Trend Micro to rapidly identify and address new threats by selecting Enable Smart Feedback to share protected threat information with Trend Micro (recommended).

  • When enabled, Trend Micro Smart Feedback shares protected threat information with the Smart Protection Network.

  • Feedback may include product name/ID and version, and detection information, including file types, file SHA-1s, URLs, IP addresses, and domains.

Use Deep Discovery Analyzer instead of the Sandbox Analysis sandbox

Submit objects to your connected Deep Discovery Analyzer.