Campaign Intelligence

The Campaign Intelligence app collects and organizes information about active threats and threat actors.

Campaign Intelligence is an always up-to-date information resource for active threats and threat actors, curated by Trend Micro threat experts. The Campaign Intelligence screen is comprised of a widgets section and the threat list. Click a threat name in the threat list to view more information on the Threat Information Screen.

You can refine the content of the widgets section and the threat list using the following filters:

  • Matched result

  • Type

  • Targeted industry

  • Targeted region

The following table describes the sections of the Campaign Intelligence app.




Provides an overview of threat actor activity.


  • Top targeted regions/countries: Regions or countries where the threat actor has been most active

  • Top targeted industries: Industries that have been most affected by the threat actor

  • Top matched alerts: Top Workbench alerts that have been correlated with a threat actor tracked by the Campaign Intelligence app

Threat list

Provides a list of the currently active threats, along with the threat type and date of the most recent data update. Threats impacting your organization display at the top of the list and are indicated by a red bullet.