Managing the Endpoint List in Endpoint Inventory 2.0

Check XDR status and manage endpoint agents.

The following table outlines the actions available in the Endpoint List tab.



Filter endpoints

Filter endpoints by specifying the endpoint name, or by clicking one of the status buttons available.

  • All - Displays a list of all the endpoints in your environment with the agent installed

  • No features enabled - Displays a list of all endpoints without any XDR features enabled

  • Action required - Displays a list of all endpoints that encountered issues while attempting to install XDR

View endpoint details

Click the name of an endpoint and view basic information about the endpoint.

  • Endpoint isolation indicates whether the endpoint is isolated or its connection is restored after isolation through the Response actions in the console.


    If the isolation status does not show the expected result, verify that the endpoint communicates with Trend Vision One properly by checking the Last connected time.

  • Feature status indicates whether endpoint security settings are enabled on the endpoint through the Endpoint Policies app.

Retry installing XDR components

Reinstall XDR components by selecting endpoints, and then clicking Retry


You may be able to resolve some issues by attempting to Retry installation. For other issues, contact your support provider.

Remove endpoints from list

Remove endpoints from the list by selecting endpoints, and then clicking Remove


Removing an endpoint from the Endpoint List permanently disables the agent but does not uninstall the agent program or prevent the agent from sending data to Trend Micro.

  • To stop data collection, uninstall the Endpoint Basecamp program from the endpoint.

  • To restore visibility to endpoints, reinstall Endpoint Basecamp. For Mac and Linux endpoints with removed agents, run the uninstall tool before reinstalling the Endpoint Basecamp program. Contact your support provider for the uninstall tool.

Pin Endpoints

Pin endpoints to temporarily override grouping criteria. Endpoints will remain in pinned groups until clicking Unpin from Group or pinning them to a new group from the endpoint list. Endpoints can only be pinned to one group at a time.

Configure global endpoint settings

Endpoint management provides the following global settings that affect all endpoints that report to Trend Vision One:

  • Inactive agent removal: Automatically remove inactive agents from the list.

  • Agent bandwidth throttling: Limit the bandwidth agents can use when downloading components and upgrades.