Customizing the Security Dashboard

Customize the dashboard tabs, widgets, and widget data.

The widgets a user can access depends on the company's license and the user's account permissions.

The following table outlines the customization actions that users can perform.



Customize tabs

Manage your tabs to personalize your dashboard display. Options include:

  • Add a tab: Click the add icon ().

  • Rename a tab: Click the down arrow () and Rename.

  • Delete a tab: Click the down arrow () and Delete.

Manage widgets

Organize, add, and delete widgets on your tabs to gain access to the data you want to see. Options include:

  • Add widgets: Click Widget Catalog, select from the available widgets, and click Add.


    You can add a maximum of 20 widgets per tab.

  • Delete widgets: Click the options icon () on the unwanted widget and click Delete.

  • Rearrange the widget layout: Use drag-and-drop by hovering over a widget title until the mouse icon changes ().

Manage widget data

You can manipulate the data that displays on some widgets or go to the a specific app to view more detailed data. Options include:

  • Change the display period: If available, click the date range drop-down list and select a new period.

  • View details on the related app: Click Go to App.