Report Management

Generate, schedule, and view reports based on security data within your environment.

Create, manage, and schedule reports designed to present an overview of your company's security posture utilizing security data within your environment. Report templates gather information from various Trend Vision One apps and generate reports in formats that are easy to share with stakeholders within your company.

The following table outlines the tabs on the Report Management screen (Risk Insights > Report Management).



Report Templates

Allows you to create a custom report or create a report using a template

  • Click Create custom report and follow the on-screen instructions to create a custom report.

  • Click a template tile to create a report from a template.

  • Click View CSV Fields to see a list of data fields included in a CSV report.

  • Click View PDF Sample to see a preview of the PDF report format.

Generated Reports

Displays all previously generated reports and status information

  • Click the download icon () in the Actions column to download a report.

  • To delete generated reports, select any number of reports and click Delete.


    Deleting a report only deletes the generated CSV or PDF and does not delete any related schedules.

Scheduled Report Settings

Allows you to manage and configure report settings for scheduled report generation

  • Click a report name to view or edit the settings of a scheduled template report or custom report.

  • To delete a reports schedule, select any number of reports and click Delete.