CVE Profile

View important information regarding specific CVEs detected in your environment and any associated prevention and detection rules available from your integrated products.

CVE profiles provide you with information regarding your detected CVEs, mitigation options available from your Trend Micro products, and additional reference information for further investigation.

The following table outlines the information provided on the CVE Profile screen (Risk Insights > Operations Dashboard > Vulnerabilities (tab) > Vulnerability ID).



Basic information

Displays CVE information including:

  • Global exploit activity: Determined by frequency in which the vulnerability is exploited globally and the expectation that the vulnerability may be exploited in the future

  • Published: The official publish date of the CVE

  • Description: The official CVE description

  • CVSS: The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) information

Attack Prevention / Detection Rules

Displays how Trend Micro products can detect and mitigate the risk posed by the vulnerability


All Trend Micro product capabilities display regardless of whether you have the product connected in your environment. For information about how to purchase Trend Micro products, contact your sales representative.

For more information on connecting products to Operations Dashboard, see Configuring Data Sources.

For the TippingPoint - Intrusion Prevention System, click the Rule ID / Malware name link to view Prevention Rule Details, which lists all available filter rules and the current status of each in your environment (if applicable).


Locate and block the filter rules on all profiles using the TippingPoint SMS console (Profiles > Inspection Profiles > Global Search).

Mitigation Options

Provides a set of recommended actions curated by Trend Micro threat experts that you can use to mitigate the selected vulnerability.


Displays additional reference links for the CVE

Devices (tab)

Displays your devices vulnerable to the CVE