Accounts With Excessive Privilege

Accounts With Excessive Privilege are accounts with permissions settings that are likely to cause additional risk.

The Accounts With Excessive Privilege widget displays a record of the number of excessively privileged accounts over the past 30 days.

Types of excessive account privilege include:

For detailed information about your excessively privileged accounts, click View details.

The following table outlines the sections available on the details screen:

Table 1. Details Screen Sections



Remediation actions

Suggests remediation actions for each type of excessive account privilege

Threat Detections with Potential to Exploit Account Configuration Risks

Displays threat detections occurring in Azure AD over the last 30 days that have the potential to exploit account configuration risks.

Threat detections types include:

  • Advanced message attack
  • Business email compromise
  • Compromised account
  • Malware email
  • Phishing email
  • RBAC notification disabled

Accounts With Excessive Privilege table

Lists accounts in your organization with excessive privilege


Click the account name for more details or to take response actions on the account