Risk Reduction Measures

View information about high-impact risk events and remediation steps that you must complete to achieve specific risk reduction goals.

Risk Reduction Measures provides a structured and targeted approach to reducing your Risk Index. After you select a risk reduction goal, the widget displays the risk events with the highest impact on the risk index, the assets most affected by these events, and the recommended remediation steps. To access the widget, go to Operations Dashboard > Risk Factors > Risk Reduction Measures.


Updating the Risk Index after remediation may take up to 24 hours to complete, depending on the connected data sources.

The following table outlines the actions you can perform on the widget.



Select a risk reduction goal.

Click Select a Goal to view the available and planned risk reduction goals.


Currently, the only available goal is lowering your risk level (for example, from high risk to medium risk). Other options will become available in the future and you may even be able to specify your own goals.

View a summary of the risk events that you must remediate to achieve the selected goal.

The widget shows information about risk events with the highest impact on your risk index, including the following:

  • Type and quantity of assets most impacted by the risk event

  • Real-time impact of remediation on the risk index

  • Recommended remediation steps


    Following these recommendations may automatically adjust the risk index, depending on the risk event remediated.

Data in the summary table is updated every 4 hours while changes to asset details take effect immediately. Any inconsistencies may be resolved whenever the summary table is updated.

View information about the assets that were most impacted by each risk event.

Click any risk event to view the list of most impacted assets with available remediation actions. Risk Insights recommends prioritizing these assets so you can achieve the selected risk reduction goal.

The list only includes assets with risk events that are marked "New" and "In progress".

Change the status of risk events.

To track your remediation progress, you can change the status of risk events to "In progress" or "Closed". Such status changes directly affect the risk index.

Depending on the connected data sources, updating the risk index may take up to 24 hours to complete. During this time, new risk events may appear in the widget.

View information about all actionable risk events.

Click All events to view the list of all risk events with available remediation actions. You can also view information about all assets impacted by each risk event.

The list only includes assets with risk events that are marked "New" and "In progress".

View the At-Risk Users/Devices list.

Click At-Risk Users/Devices to view the previous version of the Risk Reduction Measures widget.

Displays the overall Risk Index for your organization over the last 7 days and the specific risk categories that contribute to the score.

The Risk Reduction Measures widget lists risk events and related assets with the highest impact on your Risk Index and suggests effective remediation steps based on your selected risk reduction goal. Click Select A Goal to change the risk reduction goal.


Currently, Reduce the risk scoreis the only risk reduction goal available. More options are coming soon.

To view a list of users and devices that pose the greatest risk to your organization, click At-Risk Users/Devices.