Tenable.io Data Source Setup

Gain vulnerability insights by connecting your Tenable.io data source with Trend Vision One.

Connect your Tenable.io environment to Trend Vision One to gain access to the following reports:

  • Operating systems with highly-exploitable CVEs

  • Applications with highly-exploitable CVEs


The specified Tenable.io account requires the following permission:

  • Access Control - Can View (for the asset objects to be exported)

  1. Generate the Tenable.io Secret Key and Access Key required to allow connection from the Trend Vision One console.

    The following Tenable.io instructions and screen captures were valid as of February 1, 2023. For further help, check your Tenable.io documentation.

    1. Sign in to your Tenable.io portal.
    2. In the main menu, click Settings.
    3. Click My Account.
    4. Click API KEYS and click Generate.
    5. Copy the ACCESS KEY and SECRET KEY for later use on the Trend Vision One console.

      You can only view and retrieve the API Keys immediately after generating. If you lose the keys, you must regenerate new keys.

  2. Connect your Tenable.io data source to Trend Vision One.
    1. In the Trend Vision One console, go to Risk Insights > Executive Dashboard and click Data Source.
    2. In the Third-Party Data Source section, click Tenable.io.
    3. Allow TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS) to act as a data source to gain more comprehensive risk insights into your network activity by enabling the Data upload permission toggle.
    4. Paste the Tenable.io secret key in the Tenable.io secret key field.
    5. Paste the Tenable.io access key in the Tenable.io access key field.
    6. Click Save.