Attack Overview

Learn about the widgets available on the Attack Overview tab.

The Attack Index indicates the attack intensity on your organization. Reinforce your security configuration when the attack index increases to lower the company-wide risk index. The index is calculated based on the number of known detections, the number of impacted assets, and the severity of each unique threat type defined by threat experts.

The following table outlines the Attack Overview widgets.



Attack Phase Overview

A representation of the attack phases that affected your organization and the overall severity of the attacks

Cyber Threats

The highest intensity cyber threats that occurred in your organization


A high attack intensity only indicates the strength of the attacks and does not necessarily indicate that any damage occurred.

  • To filter out the most intensive threats that target your industry, enable the View top 3 industry threats toggle.


    Enabling the toggle:

    • Requires that you configure your industry and company size in your Company Profile

      Trend Vision One also uses the information for accurate organizational comparisons to global averages.

    • Automatically resets the attack phase evaluation period to Last 30 days