Asset Profile Tags

Profile tags are units of information that Risk Insights derives from data collected by connected sources.

The following table outlines the different components of a profile tag.




Account/Device access


Access history of the account/device


All possible values:

  • New access: First accessed within the last 5 days

  • Regular access: Accessed within the last 10 days

  • Extended non-use: Not accessed for more than 10 days

  • Resumed access: Accessed again after more than 10 days of non-use


First seen: {firstDate} | Last seen: {lastDate}

Risk Insights only considers significant profile tags when assigning criticality levels. General profile tags are displayed but do not influence the asset risk score in any way.


When the collected activity data and available profile tags are insufficient, Risk Insights assigns the default criticality level for the asset type.

Connect to more data sources so that Risk Insights can identify significant profile tags and evaluate asset criticality. For more information, see Configuring Data Sources.