Device Profile

View detailed information about a selected device and take actions to mitigate the device's effect on the Risk Index.

Available actions:

  • Hover over the device name to view critical information about the device, such as the current risk score, asset criticality, and significant profile tags.

  • Click the actions icon ( ) to access actions for the selected asset. Using this menu, you can view the asset graph, add the device to an exception list, or take response actions.

The following table describes the tabs available on the device profile screen.

Table 1. Device Profile Screen Tabs



Risk Assessment

An asset's risk assessment displays activity data in several widgets.

  • Risk Score: Assessment of the device's activity over the last 30 days


    A device's risk score is calculated every 4 hours.

  • Risk Indicators: A list of events that may indicate that the user account has been attacked or hijacked

Asset Graph

The asset graph graphically illustrates the asset's connection to other assets in your environment.

  • Click any asset in the asset graph to view details, including asset criticality, significant profile tags, and risk indicators.

  • Click the label in the connection arrow to view a description of the connection type and connection detail, such as the first and last time the connection occurred.

Cloud App Activity

An asset's cloud app activity displays in several widgets.

  • Accessed Cloud App Risk Levels: Displays how many cloud apps the user/device accessed on a given day and the proportionate risk levels of the apps

  • Cloud App Usage by Category: Displays the categories of the cloud apps accessed by the user/device

  • Sanctioned / Unsanctioned Cloud App Access: Indicates how often a user/device accesses sanctioned/unsanctioned cloud apps

  • Device Activity: A geographical representation of where the device has been used to access cloud apps

Local Apps

Local applications detected on the device


The Local Apps tab is only available in certain regions.


This is a "Pre-release" feature and is not considered an official release. Please review the Pre-release Disclaimer before using the feature.


The users that accessed the asset and each user's risk score

Asset Profile

Detailed information about the asset, including asset criticality and a complete list of the asset's profile tags.