Cloud App Profile

The cloud app profile screen details the relative risk level of a cloud application and how often your organization accesses the app.

A cloud app is any cloud-based service. Example cloud app services include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Example types of apps evaluated by Cloud Reputation Services include:

  • Collaboration platforms

  • Marketing and sales systems

  • Finance and accounting suites

  • Business and content management

  • IT and support solutions

  • Enterprise social networking services

  • Popular cloud computing platforms and services

The cloud app profile screen provides the following tabs that provide information about the cloud app service and your organization's usage of the service.



Basic Info

Basic information about the cloud app service

  • Use the drop-down list under the app name to change the app status to Sanctioned or Unsanctioned.


    By default, Operations Dashboard classifies cloud apps accessed through Azure AD as "Sanctioned".

  • A risk assessment of the cloud application based off of publicly available data regarding the site's maturity, security features, and any recent security breaches.

    For more information, see Cloud App Risk Levels.

    If you do not think that the risk level for the cloud app is suitable for your organization, click the Customize risk level link to manually adjust the risk level.


    An application's risk level indicates a level of maturity and security compliance for the application and does not indicate that an application is malicious or dangerous. Trend Micro experts constantly evaluate, assess, and adjust cloud applications’ risk levels based on multiple criteria to ensure that customers always have the latest available information.

    Trend Micro cannot guarantee that the available information about an app is complete. Customize the risk level of apps you think have been assessed inaccurately.


Displays the geographic location and number of times your users or devices accessed the cloud app on a given day


Displays the users in your organization that accessed the cloud app service

Click a user name to view the user profile screen:


Displays the devices in your organization that accessed the cloud app service

Click a device name or user to view the related profile screens: