Configuring Deep Security Software

To begin receiving the security events from your Deep Security software, you must first enroll your Deep Security software and configure specific product settings.


If you encounter any issues attempting to enroll your Deep Security software with Trend Vision One, check that you have the correct license provisioned. Contact your support provider for more information.

  1. Copy the enrollment token from the Trend Vision One console.
    1. On the Trend Vision One console, go to Administration > Product Connector.
    2. Click Connect.
    3. Select Deep Security Software.
    4. Click the Click to generate the enrollment token link.
    5. Copy the enrollment token.
  2. Paste the enrollment token to the Deep Security software.
    1. On the Deep Security software console, go to Administration > System Settings > Trend Vision One
    2. Under Registration, click Registration enrollment token.
    3. In the dialog that appears, paste the enrollment token and click Register.

      After successful registration, your Deep Security software automatically enables Forward security events to Trend Vision One and changes the Enrollment status to "Registered".