Network Intrusion Prevention - Policy Recommendations

Assess and prioritize your network vulnerabilities, and quickly deploy virtual patch filters for your most at-risk CVE detections.

Policy recommendations speed up your response to the most critical CVE threats affecting your network through the deployment of available TippingPoint SMS virtual patch filters. You receive a customized display of the most critical CVEs currently affecting your network and the virtual patching filter status across your profiles.

To receive vulnerability assessment and prioritization recommendations, and view or take immediate action on your top vulnerability threats through use of virtual patching filter policies, set up the following:


Policy recommendations are only available for the TippingPoint SMS console that has been connected to Trend Vision One the longest. Multiple console support is not yet available.

The following table outlines the options available on the Policy Recommendations tab (Network Security Operations > Network Intrusion Prevention > Policy Recommendations (tab)).



Vulnerability Overview

Displays the current vulnerability status for your most at-risk unique CVEs that have corresponding TippingPoint filters available for virtual patching

Prioritized CVE threat list

Displays a prioritized list of CVEs and the filters available that you can enable and deploy to profiles to virtually patch existing threats

Policy deployment status

Displays the current progress of your policy deployment operations