Network Intrusion Prevention - Inventory

View your connected IPS devices and quickly access related SMS consoles.

Network Intrusion Prevention allows you to view your connected TippingPoint network sensors and get important device information including device and connection health, and Digital Vaccine versions.

For more information on how to connect IPS devices, see Integrating TippingPoint Network Sensors with Network Intrusion Prevention.

  • This feature is not available in all regions.

  • Intrusion Prevention Filter management capabilities are coming soon.

The following table outlines the actions available on the Inventory tab.



Filter devices

Filter the devices that display using the Model list.

View SMS console connections

Hover over the SMS Consoles icon to get status information about each of your connected SMS consoles.

View device health

Hover over the Device health status to view important information regarding Unhealthy devices.

Access related management consoles

Click the Connect icon in the Management console column to access your TippingPoint SMS consoles.