Network Inventory with Deep Discovery Director

Manage Deep Discovery Inspector appliances using a connected Deep Discovery Director appliance.

Network Inventory allows you to connect your Deep Discovery Director, automatically connecting all managed Deep Discovery Inspector appliances. You can monitor the connection status of each Deep Discovery Inspector appliance, as well as access the consoles.

The following table outlines actions available on the Network Inventory screen.



Connect a Deep Discovery Director appliance

Click Connect Appliance to connect a Deep Discovery Director appliance.

Connecting a Deep Discovery Director appliance automatically connects all managed Deep Discovery Inspector appliances. For more information, see Connecting through Deep Discovery Director.

View and monitor bandwidth usage

View the current allocated and total bandwidth usage, and click Bandwidth usage to view bandwidth usage for all connected appliances, as well as the allocated and available bandwidth for your Trend Micro license.

View connected appliances

Click the Connected Network Sensor Appliances to view connected Deep Discovery Inspector appliances.

To access the connected Deep Discovery Inspector console, click Access console.

To configure the Network Sensor, see Configuring Network Sensors with Deep Discovery Director

View unsupported appliances

Click the Unsupported Network Sensor Appliances to view a list of unsupported Deep Discovery Inspector appliances managed by your Deep Discovery Director. For full support, update to the latest version of Deep Discovery Inspector.

Access the Deep Discovery Director console

Click the console icon () to open the Deep Discovery Director console in a new browser window or tab.

Reset Network Inventory

Click and then click Reset Network Inventory to disconnect all appliances from Network Inventory.


Resetting Network Inventory disconnects all appliances. After resetting, Workbench is unable to generate Network Analytics reports from previously collected data. Use this feature only if you are changing how your appliances connect to Network Inventory.