Virtual Network Sensor

You can check the Virtual Network Sensor status, deploy the Virtual Network Sensor, and configure settings on the Virtual Network Sensors tab.

The Virtual Network Sensors tab on the Network Inventory screen provides an overview of connected Virtual Network Sensors within your environment. Virtual Network Sensor feeds Trend Vision One with network activity data, which enables you to play back detailed network activity. You can also discover unmanaged and unknown assets, allowing for a more holistic view of your attack surface.



Deploy the Virtual Network Sensor

Click Deploy Virtual Network Sensor to configure and deploy a Virtual Network Sensor.


Virtual Network Sensor currently supports VMware ESXi, VMware vCenter, and KVM.

View setup guide

Click Setup Guide to view instructions about how to deploy and configure a Virtual Network Sensor.

View sensor details

View detailed information about the appliance including plans and Virtual Analyzer configuration

Click the sensor identifier to view the Sensor Details screen.

Remove a Virtual Network Sensor

Click to disconnect a Virtual Network Sensor from Network Inventory.

Manage network resources

Click Network Resources to view, import, and export lists of your important network assets such as trusted domains and trusted service sources.

Check credit usage

Hover over Credit Usage to view details such as credit requirements and credits allocated to Network Inventory.

View and monitor bandwidth usage

View the current allocated and total bandwidth usage, and click Bandwidth usage to view bandwidth usage for all network appliances, as well as the allocated and available bandwidth for your Trend Micro license.

View license information

Click License information to view information about your Trend Micro licenses.