Getting Started with Network Inventory

Accessing for the first time and provisioning Network Inventory.

When accessing Network Inventory for the first time, the introductory screen appears. Click Get Started to provision Network Inventory and access the Network Inventory screen.

Once Network Inventory is provisioned, you can deploy, manage, and connect Virtual Network Sensors and Deep Discovery Inspector appliances.


If you have a valid "XDR Add-On: Deep Discovery Inspector" license, you can choose how to connect your appliances to Network Inventory.

  • To connect and manage Deep Discovery Inspector appliances directly in Network Inventory, and take advantage of the lightweight Virtual Network Sensor, select Deploy a Virtual Network Sensor or connect an existing Deep Discovery Inspector appliance. This is the recommended option to fully leverage Network Inventory features.

  • To connect to Network Inventory using Deep Discovery Director, select Connect a deployed Deep Discovery Director and we'll automatically connect all managed appliances. For more information, see Network Inventory with Deep Discovery Director.