Plan Details

Review information about your plans.

The Plan Details screen provides a summary of information about your appliance plans. Click the plan name to view the details.

You can take actions to manage the plan. The actions available depend on the status of the plan.

  • Cancel: Stop the plan execution and all associated tasks.

  • Copy: Create a new plan from a copy of the current settings.

  • Edit: Edit the plan settings.

  • Delete: Remove the plan from Network Inventory.


    Deleting a pending plan cancels all associated tasks. Deleted plans cannot be recovered.

You can view the overall status of the plan and the configuration on the Deployment Information tab. You can view the status of the plan execution on target appliances on the Appliance Execution Status tab.

The plan status describes the current state of the plan deployment. A plan can have any of the following statuses:

  • In progress: The plan is currently deploying or the target appliances are executing the plan.

  • Pending: The plan is scheduled to deploy, but has not started.

  • Completed: The plan deployed successfully.

  • Unsuccessful: The plan failed or was canceled. The plan status shows unsuccessful if the plan failed to deploy or at least one appliance failed to execute the plan. Hover your mouse over the information icon () to view the failure reason.