Appliance Plans

Create and manage appliance plans to automate tasks such as hotfix and critical patch deployment.

Plans provide control over the scope and schedule of deployments to target Deep Discovery Inspector appliances. You can access the Appliance Plans screen from the Trend Vision One console by going to Network Security Operations > Network Inventory > Deep Discovery Inspector Appliances and clicking Manage.

Each plan is created for a specific set of target appliances and is deployed on a on-time basis either immediately, or according to a custom schedule. Plans must match the product and language of the target appliances.

When a plan is deployed, Network Inventory sends instructions to the target appliances on when to download required files, and when to execute the plan.


Network Inventory only supports appliance plans for Deep Discovery Inspector version 6.5 Patch 1 or later. Upgrade your appliances to the latest version to ensure you can deploy plans through Network Inventory.

You can perform the following actions on the Appliance Plans screen:



Create a new plan

Add one of the following types of plans to Network Inventory:

View plan details

View the details of a plan and the execution status on target appliances

Click a plan name to view details.

Copy plans

Create a new plan by copying a previously created plan

Select a plan in the list and click Copy.


You can only copy one plan at a time.

Delete plans

Permanently remove a plan from the Appliance Plans list

Select one or more plans in the list and click Delete.


Deleting a pending plan cancels all associated tasks. Deleted plans cannot be recovered.

You cannot delete plans with the in progress status.