Integrating a Deep Discovery Inspector Virtual Appliance with Sandbox as a Service

Integrate the Deep Discovery Inspector virtual appliance with Sandbox as a Service to send object data to Trend Vision One.

Integrating Deep Discovery Inspector with Sandbox as a Service allows your deployed appliances to share suspicious objects and analysis data with Trend Vision One. Objects normally sent to the Virtual Analyzer for analysis are instead analyzed in the cloud by Sandbox as a Service. The results are sent to Sandbox Analysis where they can be viewed. Additionally, suspicious objects are sent to Suspicious Object Management.


Connecting to a Service Gateway is not required to integrate with Sandbox as a Service.


Objects analyzed by Sandbox as a Service do not count towards the daily reserve for Sandbox Analysis.


You must have an activated Sandbox as a Service license to integrate with Trend Vision One. If you do not have a license for Sandbox as a Service, contact your support provider to obtain a license.

Additionally, if you deployed a disk image that was not specific to your organization, you must activate your Deep Discovery Inspector license before integrating with Sandbox as a Service.

  1. In the Trend Vision One console, go to Network Security Operations > Network Inventory > Deep Discovery Inspector Appliances.
  2. Find the appliance you wish to integrate and click Access to sign in to the Deep Discovery Inspector management console.
  3. In the Deep Discovery Inspector console, go to Administration > Virtual Analyzer > Setup.
  4. Select Sandbox as a Service from the Virtual Analyzer list.
  5. Click Save.

    Sandbox as a Service starts sending Virtual Analyzer Suspicious Objects and Virtual Analyzer Results to Trend Vision One. Virtual Analyzer Suspicious Objects are visible in Suspicious Object Management, Virtual Analyzer Results are visible in Sandbox Analysis.