Connecting Deep Discovery Inspector Appliances to a Service Gateway

Connect a Deep Discovery Inspector appliance to a Service Gateway to provide Suspicious Object List synchronization and connect with ActiveUpdate and Smart Protection Services.

  • At least one Service Gateway must be configured to enable this feature.

    For more information, see Service Gateway Management.

  • Make sure the following services are installed and enabled on the Service Gateway:

    • ActiveUpdate

    • Smart Protection Services

    • Suspicious Object List synchronization

    For more information, see Managing Services in Service Gateway

  • For ActiveUpdate and Smart Protection Services, use the Service Gateway host name or IP address to configure settings on the Deep Discovery Inspector console.

  • Connecting to a Service Gateway is not required to integrate the Deep Discovery Inspector appliance with Sandbox as a Service.

  1. In the Trend Vision One console, go to Network Security Operations > Network Inventory > Deep Discovery Inspector Appliances.
  2. Select one or more connected appliances
  3. Click Configure Service Gateway, and then click Connect Service Gateway.

    The Connect Service Gateway panel appears.


    The Connect Service Gateway panel displays a list if any selected appliances are already connected to a Service Gateway.


    Deep Discovery Inspector appliances can only connect to one Service Gateway at a time. If the appliance is already connected to a Service Gateway, the appliance disconnects from the currently connected Service Gateway and connects to the new Service Gateway.

  4. Select a Service Gateway.
  5. Click Save.

    The selected appliances connect to the Service Gateway. View the Service Gateway status in the Network Inventory app.