Deep Discovery Inspector Appliances

Monitor and configure connected Deep Discovery Inspector appliances from Network Inventory.

The Deep Discovery Inspector Appliances tab on the Network Inventory screen provides an overview of connected Deep Discovery Inspector appliances within your environment. Deep Discovery Inspector appliances provide Network Inventory with network activity data, allowing for analysis, reporting, and sharing of detected suspicious objects. You can perform several actions to manage and configure your environment.



Connect a Deep Discovery Inspector appliance

Connect or Deploy a Deep Discovery Inspector appliance

Click Connect Appliance to connect a currently deployed appliance or to download an image to deploy a virtual appliance.

Manage plans and Virtual Analyzer images

Manage appliance plans and configure to an SFTP source to manage Virtual Analyzer images

Click the Manage drop-down and select one of the following:

View appliance details

View detailed information about the appliance including plans and Virtual Analyzer configuration

Click the appliance identifier to view the Appliance Details screen.

Access the Deep Discovery Inspector console

Access the appliance console to manage the console directly

Click Access under the Access console column to open the Deep Discovery Inspector console for the chosen appliance.


You can only access appliances that are part of your corporate network or that you can reach directly. Connect to the network the appliance is deployed on before attempting to access.

Disconnect a Deep Discovery Inspector appliance

Disconnect an appliance

Click to disconnect a Deep Discovery Inspector appliance from Network Inventory.

Enable or disable Network Sensor

Manage whether to share network data with Workbench to generate Network Analytics reports

Select one or more appliances. Click Configure Network Sensor and select Enable Network Sensor to turn on Network Sensor. Select Disable Network Sensor to turn Network Sensor off.

Connect or disconnect an appliance with a Service Gateway

Connect to a Service Gateway to enable services such as ActiveUpdate

Select one or more appliances. From the Configure Service Gateway, select Connect Service Gateway to connect with a deployed Service Gateway. Select Disconnect Service Gateway to disconnect from a deployed Service Gateway.

For more information, see Connecting Deep Discovery Inspector Appliances to a Service Gateway.


The Network Inventory screen and available actions may vary if you have connected your Deep Discovery Inspector appliances to Network Inventory using Deep Discovery Director. For more information, see Network Inventory with Deep Discovery Director.