Mobile Policy

Manage mobile policies that apply to individual users or Active Directory groups.

A mobile policy is a collection of security settings that is deployed to Mobile Agents. Mobile Security provides default policies for all users of Android and iOS/iPadOS devices in your organization. Policies for Chrome OS are currently unsupported.

The following table outlines the actions available on the Mobile Policy screen.



Switch between policies for Android and iOS/iPadOS

Click Android or iOS/iPadOS to manage policies for Android and iOS/iPadOS.

Create a policy

Click Create and configure policy details.

For more information, see Configuring Mobile Policies.

Edit a policy

Click a policy name to modify policy details such as the policy name, protection strength, and policy targets.

For more information, see Configuring Mobile Policies.


You cannot edit the name and targets of default policies.

Replicate a policy

Select a policy and click Replicate.

All settings of the selected policy (excluding targets) are reused in the new policy.

Change the policy priority

Hover over a policy. When the icon () appears on the left of the policy entry, drag and drop the policy to your preferred location.

  • Changing policy priority modifies which policy applies when more than one policy targets the same users.

  • The default policy has the lowest priority, and its priority cannot be changed.

Delete policies

Select one or more policies and click Delete.

  • Deleting policies modifies the priority automatically.

  • If deleting a policy causes a user or group to no longer be a target of any policy, the default policy becomes the active policy for the affected user or groups.

Refresh policy data

Click in the upper-right corner to display the latest policy data.