Users Tab

View information about users and manage users on the Users tab.


Except for the enrollment status and device count, the displayed user attributes are synchronized from Azure AD.

You can view the following information on the Users tab.




The user's name

Enrollment status

The status of users that received an enrollment invitation or installed Mobile Agent on their devices

  • Pending

    Mobile Security is waiting for the user to enroll.

  • Enrolled

    The user has enrolled at least one device.


    The status does not change even after you have unenrolled all mobile devices of the user.

  • No response

    The user did not enroll any device within seven days of receiving the invitation. After seven days, Mobile Security moves the user from Pending to No response.


    The enrollment invitation does not expire, and the user can still enroll devices using the invitation.

Email address

The user's email address


The user's department

Job title

The user's job title


The country or region where the user is located

Device count

The total number of enrolled devices owned by the user

You can perform the following actions on the Users tab.



Filter user data

Use the following drop-down lists and the search box to locate specific user data:

  • Enrollment status

  • Group

Resend enrollment invitations

Select one or more users from the list and click Resend Invitation.

If a user's enrollment status is No response, resending an invitation changes that user's enrollment status to Pending.

Remove users

Select one or more users from the list and click Remove User.

Removing a user unenrolls all the devices that belong to the user.

  • This action is only available when using Azure AD integration.

  • Group users cannot be removed.

Show the devices owned by a user

In the Device count column, click the number to see a list of enrolled devices filtered by "User:".