Mobile Inventory

Manage users and mobile devices protected by Mobile Security.

The Mobile Inventory screen contains the following tabs.

  • Users Tab: View information about users and manage users

  • Devices Tab: View information about devices and manage devices

  • Groups Tab: View information about groups and manage groups

You can perform the following common actions on all tabs.



Send enrollment invitations to users or groups

Click Invite User. In the Invite User to Enroll Device panel, specify one or more user names or Active Directory group names and click Invite.


This action is only available when using Microsoft Azure AD.

Deploy the Mobile Agent to all the devices in a group

Click Add Assignments. In the Add Assignments panel, specify one or more group names or organizational units and click Add.


This action is only available when using a supported MDM integration.

Export the data

To the information displayed on the Devices, Users, or Groups tab as a CSV document, click the export button ().


The Devices exports a ZIP archive containing a CSV file for Android devices and a CSV file for iOS/iPadOS devices.

Refresh inventory data

Click the refresh icon () to display the latest inventory data.

Manually synchronize devices, users, and groups

Click Sync () to manually synchronize all device, user, and group data from Intune, Workspace ONE UEM, or Azure Active Directory. The synchronization can be performed in the Device, User, or Group tab. The data synchronized is not affected by the selected tab.

Group contents are synchronized to reflect newly added or removed users and devices.

When either manual or scheduled synchronization takes place, the status changes to "Syncing...".

Hover over Sync () to view the last synchronization time.