Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) Integration

Perform the integration to discover Microsoft Intune-enrolled mobile devices and deploy the Mobile Agent to the devices for increased visibility and management.


Mobile Security integrated as a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) partner with Microsoft Intune on September 23, 2022. If you granted permissions to Microsoft Intune prior to this date, you must grant permissions again. Using a Master Administrator account, go to Third-Party Integration and click Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). Then, click Grant Permissions.

With this integration, you can:

  • Send device risk level data to Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), allowing you to use device risk in compliance policies

  • Control mobile device access to your organization's resources with risk-based access controls

  • Perform malware scans on iOS and iPadOS devices

For more information, see the related article in Microsoft Intune documentation.

With Intune integration, you can easily deploy the Mobile Agent app as well as app configuration to managed mobile devices in your organization with zero touch. Mobile Security can then leverage the app configuration to enroll the mobile devices with it.


Mobile Security integration with Intune involves only iOS/iPadOS and Android.

Integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) for Android supports the following enrollment profiles.

Enrollment Profile

Protection Scope

Mobile Security Deployment Location

Personally-owned devices with work profile

Work profile

Work profile

Corporate-owned dedicated device profile

Whole device


Corporate-owned, fully manged user devices

Whole device


Corporate-owned devices with work profile

Work profile

Work profile

For more information about Android enrollment profiles in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), see the related article in Microsoft Intune documentation.