Running the Network Attack Scenario

Network attack scenarios require that you prepare a Deep Discovery Inspector appliance or a Network Inspector virtual appliance and two Windows endpoints. Refer to the Environmental requirements instructions provided in the scenario description.

  1. Configure port 445 on both Windows endpoints to enable file sharing.
  2. Open the Trend Vision One console on one of the endpoints.
  3. In the Trend Vision One console, open Resource Center by clicking the Resource Center () icon in the lower-left corner.
  4. Click Simulations.
  5. Select the app that you want to test.

    The selected app appears and displays information about the simulations feature and the selected app.

  6. Click Try Simulations and select Network Attack Scenario.

    The Simulations dialog appears and displays information about the selected simulation.

  7. Click Download Demo Script to download an archive file to the Windows endpoint.
  8. Extract the archive file on the Windows endpoint.

    The archive file is password protected. The password is displayed on the Simulations dialog.

  9. Run the .bat demo script file on the Windows endpoint.

    The Windows Command Prompt opens.

  10. Follow the instructions in the Windows Command Prompt window to execute the demonstration commands.
  11. After executing the commands, go to the Trend Vision One console to view the expected results.

    Results may take a few minutes to appear.