Connecting Qualys to Trend Vision One for Vulnerability Analysis

Integrate your existing Qualys system to receive basic vulnerability data assessment on devices.


Qualys integration requires that you set up a Qualys account with the following permissions:

  • Role: Reader

  • Asset Management Permissions: Read Asset

  • Allow access: API

  • Asset Groups (assigned to)

Qualys integration only provides CVE detection data and limited device information. For complete activity monitoring of exploit attempts and comprehensive device insights, install and enable Trend Vision One Endpoint Sensor.

  1. Go to Risk Insights > Executive Dashboard.
  2. Click the Data sources button at the top right of the screen.
  3. In the Third-Party Data Source section, click Qualys.
  4. Toggle On the Data upload permission.
  5. To locate your Qualys data, specify the Qualys account name in the User name field.
  6. Specify the account password.
  7. Click Save and Verify.

    After verifying your credentials, Qualys starts sending CVE detection data and limited device information about your Qualys agents to Trend Vision One immediately.