Connecting Nessus Pro to Trend Vision One for Vulnerability Analysis

Connect your Nessus Pro server to Trend Vision One through a Service Gateway for Vulnerability Analysis.

Connect Nessus Pro to Trend Vision One and configure data sharing to gain insight into user apps, devices, and behaviors that contribute to users’ risk analyses.

Gain access to the following reports:

  • Operating systems with highly-exploitable CVEs

  • Applications with highly-exploitable CVEs

  1. Deploy at least one Service Gateway, which is used to connect Nessus Pro to Trend Vision One, on a supported platform.

    Before deploying a Service Gateway for Nessus Pro integration, verify that your system meets the minimum specifications:


    Virtual CPUs (Minimum / Recommended)

    Virtual Memory (Minimum / Recommended)

    Virtual NICs

    Supported Products

    Nessus Pro

    0.5 / 1

    500 MB / 1 GB


    Nessus Pro

  2. Enable the Nessus Pro service in your Service Gateway to allow for third-party integration.
    1. Go to Workflow and Automation > Service Gateway Management.
    2. Under Service Gateway, click your deployed Service Gateway.
    3. Click Manage Services.
    4. In the Service Management panel, find and enable Nessus Pro.
  3. Connect your Nessus Pro service to Trend Vision One through the configured Service Gateway.
    1. Go to Account > Third-Party Integration.
    2. In the Integration column, click Nessus Pro.
    3. Under Service Gateway Connection, click + Connect.
    4. Under Nessus Pro Server Settings, specify your Nessus server URL, Nessus Pro secret key, and Nessus Pro access key.

      The Nessus Pro secret key and Nessus Pro access key are two parts of a Nessus API Key generated through your Nessus account.

    5. Click Test Connection to verify the secret key and access key are valid.
    6. Under Service Gateway Connection, select your deployed Service Gateway from the drop-down menu.
    7. Click Connect.
  4. Enable data sharing for the Nessus Pro service.
    1. Go to Risk Insights > Executive Dashboard.
    2. Click the Data sources button at the top right of the screen.
    3. In the Third-Party Data Source section, click Nessus Pro.
    4. Toggle On the Data upload permission.