Essential Access

Use an existing license to access a Trend Vision One console with a limited but powerful set of apps and features.

Essential Access grants you access to a limited but powerful set of apps and features in the Trend Vision One console. Essential Access is available to organizations with a valid license for a supported product.


If you currently have Essential Access but require an Advanced Access app or feature, contact your sales representative. You may be eligible to receive complimentary credits.

The following table lists the licenses you can use to activate Essential Access.

Table 1. Supported Licenses

SaaS Products

On-Premises Products

  • ApexOne as a Service

  • Trend Cloud One

  • Cloud App Security

  • Trend Micro Email Security

  • Trend Micro Web Security

  • ApexOne / OfficeScan

  • Deep Security

  • Deep Discovery Inspector

  • Deep Discovery Analyzer

  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector

  • InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance / InterScan Messaging Security Suite

  • InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance / InterScan Web Security Suite

  • ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange

  • ScanMail for IBM Domino / ScanMail for Lotus Domino

  • PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint

  • TippingPoint Security Management System

The following table lists the apps and features available with Essential Access.

Table 2. Essential Access Apps and Features

App Group


Risk Insights

  • Executive Dashboard

  • Security Dashboard

XDR Threat Investigation

  • Search

  • Targeted Attack Detection

Threat Intelligence

  • Intelligence Reports

  • Suspicious Object Management

  • Third-Party Intelligence (TAXII, MISP)


  • Security Assessment

Workflow and Automation

  • Service Gateway Management

  • Third-Party Integration

Point Product Connections

  • Product Connector


  • Single Sign-On

  • User Accounts

  • Notifications

  • Audit Logs

  • Console Settings

  • License Information

  • Credit Usage

  • Support Settings


Certain features within the included apps may require Advanced Access.