Creating a User Role for Cortex XSOAR Integration

Create a custom user role to generate Authentication keys and enable integration with the Trend Micro Vision One for Cortex XSOAR app.

The following steps detail how to create a custom user role with the permissions needed to integrate with the Trend Micro Vision One for Cortex XSOAR app by generating an authentication token.


The Master Administrator role is capable of connecting with third-party apps. However, Trend Micro recommends using a dedicated user account with custom permission settings.

  1. Go to Administration > User Roles.
  2. Click Add.

    The Custom Role Setting panel opens.

  3. In the general tab, type a descriptive name for the role, such as Cortex XSOAR Integration.
  4. (Optional) Type a description for the role.
  5. In the permissions tab, select the following:



    Threat Intelligence

    Suspicious Object Management:

    • View, filter, and search

    • Manage lists and configure settings

    • View object in Sandbox Analysis

    Sandbox Analysis:

    • View, filter, and search

    • Submit objects



    • Add exceptions

    • Modify alert details

    • View, filter, and search

    Response Management

    Response Management:

    • View, filter, and search Task List tab

    • Approve/Reject Automated Response tasks

    • Collect file

    • Delete/Quarantine messages

    • Isolate endpoint

    • Terminate process

    • View network exceptions

    • Add to block list

    • Edit network exceptions

    • Submit to sandbox

  6. Click Submit.

    The user role appears in the list.