Syslog Connector (SaaS/Cloud) Configuration

Share XDR data with your syslog server by configuring the generic syslog connector.

The syslog connector is a generic SIEM connector, which allows you to send XDR data to your SaaS or cloud-based syslog server. The connector supports multiple syslog server connections.

For syslog CEF mapping, see Syslog Content Mapping - CEF.



Associated Apps


Not applicable

  • Workbench

  • Observed Attack Techniques

  1. Go to Workflow and Automation > Third-Party Integration.
  2. Click Syslog Connector (SaaS/Cloud).
  3. In the Syslog Connector (SaaS/Cloud) screen, enable Syslog Connector (SaaS/Cloud) .
  4. Select the data to send to your syslog server(s).
    • Workbench alerts

    • Observed Attack Techniques


    You must select at least one data type.

  5. Click Connect Syslog Server.
  6. In the Syslog Server Connection panel, configure the following settings.



    Server address

    Specify the IP address or FQDN for your Syslog server.

    Syslog format

    Select the syslog format.


    Syslog Connector (SaaS/Cloud) currently only supports Common Event Format (CEF).


    Select the connection protocol.


    Specify the port.

    Default port settings:

    • SSL/TLS: 6514

    • TCP: 601

    • UDP: 514

  7. (Optional) Select Use CA certificate to upload a CA certificate to use when connecting to the syslog server.
  8. (Optional) If your syslog server requires authenticated connections, select Server requires client authentication to upload the client certificate.
  9. Click Test Connection to perform a connection test and verify settings.
  10. Click Connect to test and save your connection settings.
  11. In the Syslog Connector (SaaS/Cloud) screen, click Save.