Okta Integration

Grant Trend Micro permission to access your Okta data for use in Trend Vision One apps.

The Okta screen (Workflow and Automation > Third-Party Integration) provides an overview of all your configured Okta tenants and the data each tenant shares with Trend Vision One.

The following table describes the features available for this integration.



Associated apps

Data upload

Grants Trend Micro permission to access the following data in Okta:

  • User sign-in attempts

  • Users

  • Groups

  • System log (system events)

  • Email Account Inventory

  • Phishing Simulation Assessment

  • Risk Insights

  • Zero Trust Secure Access

User enforcement

Grants Trend Micro permission to perform the following user access actions:

  • Disable User Account

  • Enable User Account

  • Force Sign Out

  • Force Password Reset

  • Zero Trust Secure Access