ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway Integration

Trend Vision One enables sharing of suspicious object data with ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway through a Service Gateway.

Configure sharing of suspicious object data with this integration through a Service Gateway.


At least one Service Gateway must be configured to enable integration.

For more information, see Service Gateway Management.

  1. Configure settings on Trend Vision One.
    1. Go to Workflow and Automation > Third-Party Integration.
    2. In the Integration column, click ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway.
    3. Click the toggle to enable or disable the integration.
    4. Review the Legal Statement and click Accept or Close to continue.
    5. Under Data Transfer, configure data sharing criteria and integration settings.
      1. Risk level: Select the risk level of the suspicious object data to include in the shared data.

      2. Frequency: Select the frequency at which suspicious object data is shared.

    6. Under Service Gateway Connection, configure the connection between the Service Gateway and the integration.
      1. Click Connect.

        The Service Gateway Connection panel appears.

      2. Select a Service Gateway.

      3. Configure the integration server settings.

      4. (Optional) Click Test Connection to verify if the settings are valid.

      5. Click Connect.

        The connection configuration is added to the list.

      6. Click the Generate Now icon () to generate suspicious object data sharing files immediately.

      7. Hover over the Copy URL icon () to copy the suspicious object data sharing URLs to use on your integration.

    7. Repeat the previous step to add multiple connection configurations for this integration.
    8. Click Save.
  2. Configure settings on your integration.

    The following steps were performed using version 6.7 of the ProxySG Management Console.

    If you are using a different version, refer to the documentation for your version.

    1. On the ProxySG Management Console, go to Configuration > Policy > Policy Files > Policy Files.
    2. From the Install Central File from drop-down list, select Remote URL.
    3. Paste the suspicious object data sharing URL that you obtained from the Trend Vision One console.
    4. (Optional) To view the file before installing it, click View.
    5. Click Install.

      A summarized view of the reinstallation results appears.

    6. Close the window and then click OK.
    7. Click Apply.

      Your ProxySG appliance is configured to retrieve suspicious object data from the Trend Vision One Service Gateway.