Azure AD Integration

Manage access permissions to your Azure AD data in multiple tenants for use in Trend Vision One apps.

The Azure AD screen (Workflow and Automation > Third-Party Integration) provides an overview of permissions that Trend Vision One apps require to access Azure AD data or trigger policy enforcement actions in Azure AD. Each app or group of apps is associated with a set of permissions that must be enabled within Azure AD to facilitate integration with Trend Vision One.

The following table describes the actions available in the Azure AD screen.



Grant permissions

Connect Trend Vision One to your Azure AD and grant permission to allow associated apps to access your Azure AD data in one or multiple tenants.

For more information, see Configuring Azure AD Integration.


Mobile Security can access your Azure AD data in one tenant only.

View permission details

Click Details in the Permissions column of each permission set to view specific permissions required.

For more information about how Azure AD data is used in associated apps, see Azure AD Data Usage in Associated Apps.

View permission granting status

Check whether permissions are granted successfully or any warning or error has occurred in the Status column of each permission set.

Permission granting statuses include:

  • : All permissions in the permission set are granted.

  • : All permissions in the permission set are granted, but certain associated app requires additional settings in Azure AD to access more user data for greater insights or take specific policy enforcement actions.

  • : All permissions in the permission set are granted, but Azure AD requires new or additional permissions for complete functionality of the associated app.

  • : An error occurred during or after permission granting.

To view permission error or warning details and available actions, click the status icon or Details next to each status.

For more information about permission errors, see Troubleshooting Azure AD Connections.

Block permissions or reset

  • If you no longer want to integrate Azure AD with a previously associated app or group of apps, click Block permissions.

    Blocking permissions disconnects Azure AD from the app but does not delete or revoke the permissions in Azure AD. For more information, see Blocking Azure AD Permissions.

  • If an error occurs during permission granting and you want to reset the process by clearing the error data, click Reset.

Synchronize Azure AD data

The Third-Party Integration app regularly synchronizes permission-related data in all tenants from your Azure AD.

To manually synchronize data in a tenant whenever you need to, click the sync icon () for the corresponding tenant. The synchronization updates data for all associated apps with permissions granted.


Manual synchronization is not applicable to Email Account Inventory and Risk Insights.