Managing Services in Service Gateway

Install services and manage service status to optimize Service Gateway deployments.


Service Gateway has minimum requirements to enable services on the virtual appliance. For more information see Service Gateway Appliance System Requirements.

  1. Go to Workflow and Automation > Service Gateway Management and click the Service Gateway Management 2.0 tab.
  2. Click the name of the Service Gateway you want to manage.

    The Service Gateway screen appears.

  3. To install a new service, or to enable/disable or uninstall a service, click the Manage Services button to access the Manage Services panel.
    1. To install a new service, click the Install icon.

      Before installing a new service, a system resource check is performed. If the Service Gateway appliance does not have sufficient resources, a performance warning displays. For a complete list of available services, see Service Gateway Services.

    2. To enable or disable an installed service, click the toggle next to the service name.
    3. To uninstall a service, click Uninstall.

      Uninstalling a service deletes the service settings and any related information stored on the Service Gateway virtual appliance.

  4. To configure the settings for an installed service, locate the service on the Installed Services table and click the configure icon ().