Service Gateway Support Settings

Collect service logs or enable remote support when troubleshooting your Service Gateway with the support provider.

If requested by your support provider, perform the following steps to generate and download service logs or enable Service Gateway Remote Support.

  1. Go to Workflow and Automation > Service Gateway Management and click the Service Gateway Management 2.0 tab.
  2. Click the name of the Service Gateway you want to troubleshoot.
  3. On the Service Gateway screen that appears, click Service Gateway Support Settings in the upper right.
  4. If your support provider requests service logs, configure the log collection settings to generate and download desired logs.
    1. Select the period of logs you want to collect.
    2. Select the services that you want to collect logs from.

      Only enabled Service Gateway services display in the list.

    3. Click Generate Log File to create a log file.

      Allow some time before the logs are available to download.

      If an error occurs during the log generation, you can manually collect all logs by logging on to the CLI with your account credentials on the Service Gateway virtual appliance and running the log collect command.

    4. Download the ZIP file by clicking the notification center icon in the upper-right corner and locating "Successful log collection" on the Tasks tab.
  5. If your support provider requests remote access to your Service Gateway virtual appliance to collect information, turn on Service Gateway Remote Support.

    After enabled, Service Gateway Remote Support automatically disables after 3 days.