Service Gateway Management 1.0

Check the Service Gateway status, download a virtual appliance, and configure settings.

The Service Gateway Management screen provides an overview of connected Service Gateways within your environment. A Service Gateway enables connections to on-premises Trend Micro products or third-party applications within the corporate network, providing visibility and allowing you to manage connected applications in the Trend Vision One console.



Deploy a Service Gateway

The action is no longer available in Service Gateway 1.0. Use Service Gateway Management 2.0 to deploy a new Service Gateway virtual appliance.

Check Service Gateway details

Click a name in the Service Gateway column to view more details about the service status and connected endpoints.

Configure or Migrate Service Gateway settings

Click the gear icon in the Action column to open the Service Gateway Settings panel.

  • Use the Configuration tab to configure Service Gateway settings, such as enabling and disabling services.

  • Use the Migration tab to migrate settings to Service Gateway 2.0

Disconnect a Service Gateway

Click the trash icon in the Action column to disconnect a Service Gateway. Disconnecting a Service Gateway deletes its settings and usage data stored on Trend Vision One.

Manage the API key

The API key is required for Suspicious Object List synchronization and TippingPoint log forwarding. Click the Manage API Key button to obtain or update the key.