Force Sign Out Task

After identifying a potentially compromised user account, you can sign the user out of all active application and browser sessions.

  1. After identifying the potentially compromised user account, access the context or response menu and click Force Sign Out.

    The Force Sign Out screen appears.

  2. (Optional) Specify a description for the task.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Monitor the task status.
    1. Open the Response Management app.
    2. (Optional) Locate the task using the Search field or by selecting Force Password Reset from the Action drop-down list.
    3. View the task status.
      • In progress... (): Trend Vision One sent the command to the managing server and is waiting for a response

      • Successful (): The managing server successfully received the command

      • Partially successful (): The task was unsuccessful on one or more IAM service

      • Unsuccessful (): The task was unsuccessful on all connected IAM services