API Automation Center

Automate and integrate your detection and response with the Trend Vision One APIs.

You can use RESTful APIs to interact with Trend Vision One and access specific product functions. These APIs have predictable resource-oriented URLs, return JSON-formatted responses, and use standard HTTP response codes. For a reference of the APIs available for Trend Vision One, see https://automation.trendmicro.com/xdr/home.

To use the APIs, you need the following:

  • User account: Your account must have API access and a role with permissions necessary to perform tasks.

    For more information on how to create a user account with API access, see Configuring Accounts.

  • Authentication token: The Trend Vision One console automatically generates a token for each account with API access.

    For more information on the authentication token, see Obtaining API Keys for Third-Party Apps.


Trend Micro recommends using the latest versions of the APIs to stay current with updates to Trend Vision One and connected products. To get the latest API changes, click Configure Change Log Notifications to enable your subscription in the Notifications app.