User Roles

Configure user roles to grant app permissions to Trend Vision One user accounts, and grant API access to third-party applications.

The following tables outline the actions available on the User Roles screen (Account > User Roles).



Add a custom user role

Click + Add Role to create a new custom role.

View user role details

Click a Role name to open its details panel.

View assigned accounts

Click the number in the Total accounts column to open the details panel to the Accounts tab.

Filter user roles

Use the Role type: drop-down list to filter by "Predefined Role" or "Custom Role".

Select a user role to perform the following actions.


You cannot edit or delete predefined roles.



Edit a user role

Click Edit to modify role name, role description, and permissions of custom roles.

Duplicate a user role

Click Duplicate to copy a role's settings into a new custom role.

Delete a user role

Click Delete to remove a role.